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Education & Professional Development … New Professionals … Customers - Consulting Skills and Handling Complaints
New ProfessionalsProfessional Development Courses … — important skills explored in this course.
Professional Development Courses … Students; Recent graduates; All food science professionals currently in the job market … In addition, Melissa teaches the Professional Development Course at the university.
Professional Development Courses … you’re a new professional just starting out, a seasoned professional looking to freshen up your job … Geared towards new professionals but applicable to anyone preparing to or currently looking for a jo …
Policy DevelopmentsProfessional Development Courses … and any industry professionals interested in brushing up on their networking skills
Education & Professional Development … New Professionals … a leader needs the skills to evaluate the situation and manage the conflict appropriately — even us …
New ProfessionalsProfessional Development Courses … strategic planning skills combined with demonstrated delivery credentials.