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Public Policy & Regulations … Issues with False Claims James N. Klapthor & Rosetta Newsome | September 2006, Volume 60, … unsubstantiated claims, and personal attacks, those with single viewpoints would better serve this …
Public Policy & Regulations … industry, and government regulation has been a relatively new practice. … appealing to the public than modern medical concepts, regulation of health claims remains a challen …
Public Policy & Regulations … to improve public health through diet and lifestyle, a new scientific report urges the government t … Enormous public health benefits would result from having consumers clearly understand and act on the …
Public Policy & Regulations … Where do health claims and product label statements fit into this complex mixture of health communic … qualified health claims will help consumers make informed decisions about food and supplements, or …
Public Policy & Regulations … maker over health claims According to The Wall Street Journal, feder … effort by the government to clamp down on food ads that tout specific health benefits.
Public Policy & Regulations … structure/function claims Congress directed the U.S. Government Acco … structure/function claim for food or given its inspectors instructions for identifying potentially …
Public Policy & Regulations … The Sweet Science of Sugar Reduction Claims – Regulatory Considerations … of both government agencies and plaintiff attorneys has increased the risks associated with food la …
Public Policy & Regulations … On a global level, government regulatory and enforcement bodies are increasingly scrutinizing the cl … of either a health claim or a structure-function claim (United States) or a product-specific claim
Public Policy & Regulations … sodium claims decline despite salt concerns Despite increased awaren … sodium claim, a higher percentage than other key European markets with the exception of Netherlands …
Public Policy & RegulationsPublic Policy & Regulations … Food Safety Suffers During U.S. Government Shutdown
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